What are the reasons baby walkers can create a safety hazard?

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What are the reasons baby walkers can create a safety hazard?

Informational note for the parents!

Baby walkers can seem fancy and a delightful situation when your baby’s tiny feet keep running to you. In reality, the baby walkers are actually a huge setback for the baby’s well-being. How? Let me guide you in detail through the assistance of our pediatric orthopedics doctor in ludhiana at the CODS clinic.


Parents should not use baby walkers as it’s not safe!

Baby walkers are marketed in a huge manner in society as the product that helps babies to learn ‘How to walk’? Although this can suspend the child to great problems, that makes everything even more difficult and makes the entire frame more rigid. It might seem exciting how your child walks, but parents need to be careful about everything. Instead of using the walker, it’s essential that you encourage the child to do more walking. If you are unsure about something or there’s doubt in your mind, then you should consult the doctor at the Child Clinic in Ludhiana.


What are the reasons baby walkers are not safe?

There are various reasons that can make the baby have difficulty walking through the use of a baby walker. Some of them are:

Reason 1: Delayed walking pattern

The baby walker actually delays the walking instead of making it fast and quickly. The baby’s development of walking pattern gets dependent on the walker. And that’s the reason there’s a problem with normal gait patterns and overall child’s posture.


In simple terms, the walker can make the baby move around even when they are actually ready for the same. Through walker, the parents often notice the following issues:

  • Unusual movement pattern
  • Delayed muscle control


Do you know?

Your tiny one is so smart that they analyze the movement of the feet & legs, which allows them to better the walking pattern. But. If you happen to keep them in the walker all the time, then it’s difficult for them to understand the feet and leg movement. To ensure your child gets an understanding regarding motor development, it’s better not to make use of a walker. Let your child roam and learn about the same.


Reason 2: Possibility of having various abnormal gait patterns

Studies have shown that babies who use walkers have higher chances of having abnormal gait patterns. The said situation mainly occurs at the age of 6 to 7 months. The possible problems that can occur are:

  • Toe walking
  • Rolled-in walking
  • Flat Feet


Reason 3: The higher possibility of injuries

Let me share a fact that’s known to most parents. The use of baby walkers increases the chances of serious injuries up to 12% to 57%. With such a high prevalence rate, you should never leave your child alone using the walker because there’s the possibility of:

  • Falling down stairs
  • Burns from electrical outlets
  • Finger stuck in walkers
  • Drawing from running around the pool


Did you know?

If you make your child use the baby walker too much, then there’s a risk of bowing of legs. Such a situation happens when the baby is not ready to take the body weight.