Developmental Dysplasia of Hips

Developmental Dysplasia of Hips

Developmental Dysplasia of Hips Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

Developmental Dysplasia of Hips means hip joint abnormality. In this condition, the femur or thigh bone won’t fit in the pelvis as it should. The problem increases the chances of cartilage damage that offers support to the joints. Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal is a known Developmental Dysplasia of Hips Doctor In Punjab who gives your child the most reliable and efficient care. If you notice limb length discrepancy, delayed malling, then unstable hip gait consult the medical expert immediately.

Symptoms of Developmental Dysplasia of Hips

Dysplasia of the Hips won’t lead to any pain, making it difficult to understand. The medical expert will look at all the possible signs and symptoms through a detailed examination. On the other hand, parents need to look out for the given symptoms and get prompt Developmental Dysplasia of Hips Treatment In Ludhiana:

  • The baby’s hip leads to clicking or popping that’s easier to feel than heard
  • Limp when starting to walk
  • The skin begins to fold under the buttock, or thighs won’t line up
  • The leg and hip won’t move similarly to the other side

Do you notice the given signs and symptoms in your baby? Make sure to get an immediate treatment plan to well-understand what is wrong with your child’s development.

Diagnosis of Developmental Dysplasia of Hips 

You must take your child for a health examination if you notice any of the above symptoms mentioned above and consult the doctor to analyze what’s wrong. Developmental Dysplasia of Hips Treatment In Ludhiana.

  • hip screening must be done routinely at birth & during well-baby checkups.
  • Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses sound waves to take hip joint pictures. For babies under six months of age works best to get an ultrasound. The X-ray won’t show the hips of babies below six months. Ultrasound screening plays a critical role in timely diagnosis once a clinical examination & test shows positive results.

  • X-ray

X-ray is suitable for babies above 4 to 6 months as it helps show the exact problem.

Treatment of Developmental Dysplasia of Hips

The Developmental Dysplasia of Hips Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab, depends on the age factor. The age factors get divided into three categories which include:

0 to 6 months Developmental Dysplasia of Hips gets corrected with soft brace which helps pelvis socket deepen and thigh bone stabilise.
6 months to 2 years Proper evaluation under anesthesia,depending closed and open reduction of hip is done and held with hip spica.
Older kids > 2 years At this age, open reduction is done with femoral and pelvic osteotomies.

Is it possible to prevent hip dysplasia?

There’s nothing that can be done to prevent the condition, timely detection helps to treat simple and avoid major surgery. The proper swaddling technique should be followed.

Schedule your initial consultation with a child ortho doctor

Make sure you take your child regularly to see a medical health expert. By the time they reach the age of 16 to 18, make sure to keep a close check on their health. If you notice any unwanted signs and symptoms with your child’s development, consult Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal to analyze what’s wrong and the right treatment plan to manage everything.