Limb deformity correction

Limb deformity correction

The deformity can happen when a child is born, during early childhood, or due to injury. The deformities are likely to differ as someone’s mobility, and aesthetic results are affected.

Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal is one of the known Limb deformity correction Doctor In Punjab with over 12+ years of experience. He is there to offer your child the most compassionate, safe, and technologically sound treatment. Indeed! Your little one is safe under his medical supervision. Depending on your child’s medical condition, he suggests whether there is a need for acute correction or gradual correction.

Reasons for lower limb deformity correction

A surgical option is suggested when your child has this condition since birth or developed in early childhood.The reason for the deformity can be following:

  • Congenital Cause
  • Post traumatic
  • Infections
  • Neurological Causes such as CP,MMC,AMC etc
  • Bone mineral disease and skeletal dysplasia

Depending on your child’s condition, the pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal suggests the most appropriate care possible.

Lower limb deformity correction recovery

The timeline for recovery varies from one person to another. The list of factors that makes the difference are:

  • Age
  • Medical condition, at present
  • Cause of demorfity
  • Functional limitation
  • Activity if daily living affected or not

To boost the outcome of surgery and ensure your child’s utmost comfort, follow all the necessary suggestions given by the surgeon.

Different aspects involved in deformity correction

Well, there are several things involved while planning the deformity correction treatment for your child:

  • Reason behind deformity
  • Checking the exact place from where deformity occurs
  • Planning everything properly includes tracing, the need for aided tools such as soft ware to name a few, Bone ninja, multiplier, Click2correct etc and carrying out other necessary tasks.
  • Following the properly planned and executed minimally invasive methods.

Lower Limb Deformity correction treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

The procedure of acute lower limb deformity correction includes osteotomy. During treatment, the surgeon makes a cut to the bone for the alignment of joints and bones. Afterward, positioning them correctly. The stabilization is possible through an fixation to ensure it stays in the correct position where it’s supposed to. Gradualcorrection of deformity is done with external fixator where ever required.

Moreover, the technological approach has made it possible to perform correction through 6 axis computer assissted external fixator. The new and powerful methods help ensure proper utilization and perform correction.

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Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal and his expertise are what you need to improve your child’s condition. Be it a lower limb or another deformity, ensure the situation gets manageable. Feel free to discuss any doubt or concern that comes to your mind. He will make sure you seek the most appropriate care for your child.