Growth Plate Injuries

Growth Plate Injuries

Growth Plates

Growth Plates (epiphyseal or physes plates) are cartilage or discs in growing children. The growth plates are present at each end. Growth plates are delicate, and there is higher risk of injury. Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal is a known Growth Plate Injuries Doctor In Punjab who gives the child the most appropriate and effective care.

Symptoms of growth plate injury

The prevalence rate of growth plate fracture or injuries is higher in the lower leg, fingers, and forearm bones. Some of the most noticeable signs and symptoms of growth plate injury are:

  • Tenderness and pain which occurs due to growth plate getting pressurized
  • Swelling and warmth on one bone end that is near the joint
  • The affected area has difficulty moving or putting pressure or weight on the limb

If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, consult the growth plate injuries, doctor. Your child may have excess pain while playing sports. Depending on the pain and severity, our doctor at the CODS clinic will suggest the Growth Plate Injuries Treatment In Ludhiana. 

Occurence of growth plate fracture/injuries

The prevalence rate of growth plate injuries is higher due to falls from vehicles or bikes and while playing sports. Sometimes the injury occurs when the joint gets used excessively, like excessive throwing. You need to take your child for immediate medical care so that the immediate action helps to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Diagnosis of growth plate fracture

The Growth Plate Injuries Doctor performs an X-ray of the opposite and injured limb to well-compare the problem. In case the growth plate is tender, the option of splint or cast offers limb protection.

After 3 to 4 weeks, you need to bring your child again for an X-ray. If there are signs of healing, it means it was a fracture. Other possible ways to diagnose the injury for better understanding are:

  • CT scan (Computerized tomography)
  • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)

Treatment for growth plate injuries

Treatment depends on, ‘How severe is the condition?’ For mild injuries, rest with splint or cast can be given.Some medications can help relieve pain. For swere injuries, some time surgical treatment need to be done, taking care of growth plates for best results. The doctor will tell you whether you need to bring your child for follow-up appointments.

Growth plate injury recovery

Under the expertise of Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal, you will seek informed care, and you have to follow what the doctor says. Studies have shown that the condition improves without any issues. On average, it takes a few weeks or months for growth plate injuries to resolve.A mal-treated injury may lead to growth abnormality, mal-alignment of limb,limb discrepancy. As a parent, you need to continuously monitor your child’s injury and if you notice any unwanted signs, seek prompt medical assistance.

Growth plate injuries doctor in Ludhiana, Punjab

Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal will guide you towards the most appropriate and advanced care for your child. Feel free to discuss any doubt that comes to your mind.