Limb lengthening

Limb lengthening

Limb Lengthening Surgery In Ludhiana, Punjab

Limb lengthening surgery involves a significant difference in limb length in a child’s bone. Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal, one of the known Limb lengthening Doctor In Punjab, emphasizes improving daily life and helping them to walk on their own.

Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal’s surgical skills of +12 years allow the parent to be at utmost comfort and ensure the procedure happens successfully. He understands the right amount of time and how to lengthen the Limb in kids & teens.

Reasons for uneven limb lengthening

Several health conditions lead to uneven limb length like:

  • Birth defects with arms or legs (orthopedic birth defects)
  • Uneven or slowed limb growth due to orthopedic trauma or injury or infection.
  • Syndromic conditions like overgrowth syndrome or else.
  • Unknown causes like idiopathic limb length discrepancy
  • Bone health conditions leading to bone mineral discase and skeletal dysplasia
  • Nervous system disorder

The Limb lengthening Treatment In Ludhiana helps your child’s overall quality of life improve.

Limb lengthening surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab

The pediatric orthopedic surgeon placed the device correctly to perform the treatment safely. Several steps are involved for the successful completion of limb lengthening surgery:

Step 1: Administer general anesthesia

The procedure happens under general anesthesia, so there’s no discomfort or pain. Your child sleeps throughout the surgery.

Step 2: Making an Incision

The surgeon makes the cut or incision through the skin. The incision gives easy access to fix pins for the lengthening device to desired locations.

Step 3: Performing osteotomy

One more incision to cut the bone and perform an osteotomy. The new bone growth happens between the two bone ends with the device.

Step 4: Add a lengthening device

lengthening devices fit over the pins.

Step 5: Close incision

Lastly, the incisions are closed with stitches.

Following the surgery, distraction is started usually in 5-7 days. Make sure you follow all the necessary advice given by the surgeon.

Choose Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal for Limb Lengthening Treatment

Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal is known for working with children and families through the most effective approach. Being a well-known pediatric orthopedic surgeon, he is trained and has the expertise to give the most appropriate care for Limb lengthening treatment. Undergoing Limb lengthening treatment under the expertise of our medical expert helps you to get several benefits like:

  • The most advanced possible care
  • Accuracy is treatment¬†
  • The latest technology and various options are available.
  • Detailed counseling

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