On-time diagnosis and treatment for growth plate injury is child

Child Ortho growth plate injury

On-time diagnosis and treatment for growth plate injury is child

Growth plate injury

Growth plate injury is a common condition in children that requires immediate treatment. The growth plate fracture prevalence rate is higher among boys as compared to girls. The growth plate injury can occur due to different factors. But, whatever it is, it should not be delayed and it’s important to contact the top-rated medical expert at the Child Ortho Clinic in Ludhiana.

Did you know?

The problem with the growth plate is that it can affect the limb alignment as well as the future height of the child. So, before it makes the damage worse or leads to permanent damage you need to get medical assistance on time.

What are the signs my child has a growth plate injury or problem?

The injured plates can be noticed in various ways like the stress fracture or injuries that are triggered due to a sudden twist or some kind of unwanted rotation effect. The growth plates have higher chances of having problems between the age of 11 and 14.

Additionally, if your child is more involved in sports or activities like ice skating, and gymnastics then they have a higher risk of getting a growth plate injury. So, make sure to not delay the Growth Plate Injuries Treatment In Ludhiana under expert supervision.

What are the symptoms of growth plate injury?

The growth plate injury’s most common symptoms are:

  • The affected area has swelling and tenderness along with redness. There’s the possibility of having an infection
  • The movement gets affected adversely
  • Loss of function and sport
  • Muscle spasms or numbness
  • Persistent pain

Strong and healthy growth plates are the cornerstone of a child’s overall health

To keep the child’s growth plate in good and healthy shape, it’s important to take the given measures on time:

  • Make sure to have a balanced meal all the time. Give your child food that’s filled with calcium like milk & yogurt or for the better diet you can also contact the best dietitian in Ludhiana.
  • Help the child to maintain healthy body weight. Understand the concept of BMI from your doctor. Then make sure your child has a proper weight according to the same.
  • You need to make your child follow a healthy and active regime. Help them develop the habit of doing exercises like running, jumping rope, or biking around the neighborhood.

Treatment for growth plate injury

The growth plate injury diagnosis and treatment are crucial for the overall development of the child. Therefore, its essential to get the following conditions addressed on time:

  • Length discrepancy
  • Skeletal malalignment
  • Loss of range of motion

The treatment for growth plate injury in the present time is possible with the minimally invasive approach. Taking the right action at the right time is crucial to address the significant damage on time.