Pediatric Ortho Doctor Tips In, ‘How to prevent broken bones in children?’

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Pediatric Ortho Doctor Tips In, ‘How to prevent broken bones in children?’

How to prevent broken bones in children?

At the CODS clinic, under the expertise of Dr. Sudhansh Bansal, your child will get the most appropriate care at all stages of childhood. Indeed! It would help if you chose a place that’s right and comfortable. Moreover, it’s about getting all the necessary tips and tricks to prevent health issues or complications. One of the major ones is a pediatric fracture. No doubt, the fracture heals without any significant repair, but that means more care at each step.  Such as alignment , angulation etc. Getting proper treatment on time is the only way to get best results.

Tip to prevent broken bones in children

Tip 1: Give the right amount of Vitamin D and Calcium

Make sure that your child gets enough amount of Vitamin D and calcium . The most valuable sources are orange juice, salmon, milk, yogurt, and other food options. Additionally, make them involved in activities like walking, running, and jumping rope.

Tip 2: Right kind of equipment

Before your child goes out to play sports, ensure they are wearing the right fitted equipment. The right kind of safety will prevent chances of injuries,

Tip 3: Be careful while on the playground

You need to pay little extra attention to your child while they are playing in the background. Studies have shown that around 56% of fractures are due to the playground. So, check all necessary equipment to ensure your child’s safety.

Tip 4: Seek prompt medical attention

If you notice that your child is in pain, then make sure to get prompt medical attention. Even if they want to play, don’t let them. Neglecting medical attention will increase the chances of severe problems.